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Sangria a la Sifnos

One of Linda's favorite drinks was the Sangria served at the Old Captain's Bar on Sifnos, Greece. Whether this topped her list of fav's because of the drink, scenery or company, who knows. One thing that's certain is this is a fantastic beverage!

 oysters cristos

Oysters Cristos

These baked mollusks excite your senses and are a cinch to make. Whip them up to enjoy by themselves, or wow your friends by showing up to a shin-dig with these tasty treats!



Fresh spinach and crumbled feta cheese tango over filo dough to create a flaky, fragrant entree that's sure to be a hit at any event!

 twice baked taters

Twice baked taters

Mmmmmmm! Potatoes with toppings are delicious, but bake them twice and you're in heaven!


Frosted Delights

From the kitchen of Karen Johnson.